Food4Vets Program

The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation (MMSF) is a non-profit organization that provides support to military families and veterans, who may be in-need or at-risk. One of the programs offered by MMSF is the Food4Vets Program, which aims to assist veterans and military families who may be faced with food security issues and may lack access to affordable healthy meals.

Food4Vets supplies families with food at three—soon to be four—Empowerment Centers located in Massachusetts–-featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy products, frozen foods, and other staple items. The Foundation works with local partners, such as food purveyors, manufacturers, processors, and grocery stores, to ensure that the foods are of high quality and nutritious. The program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each family.

In addition to providing free fresh food, MMSF also offers Meals4OurMission which are nutritional pre-made, “grab-and-go” meals that allow families to consume healthy, well-balanced meals. Originally designed to help people cope with the mandatory 14-day quarantine periods imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, these meals are prepared by experienced nutritionists and chefs who offer a variety of options weekly throughout the year.

When active-duty service members, veterans, and their families have better access to nutritious food and pre-prepared healthy meals, not only do they enjoy better health and well-being, we also demonstrate that a grateful citizenry appreciates and values their honorable service and personal sacrifice.

Our annual volume of food and clothing distribution grew from 350,000 pounds in our first year of operation (2017) to over 40 million pounds in 2022, and a new Empowerment Distribution Facility becoming operational in Norton, MA, will add significantly to our distribution capacity in 2023.

We have hundreds of volunteers to drive, load, and unload our trucks, and generous sponsors who provide us with in-kind contributions of nutritious food, but operating the Empowerment Centers, and keeping the delivery trucks fueled, maintained, insured, and rolling along has become increasingly costly.

From year to year, we become more and more reliant on gifts from people like you that allows all this to be possible—faithfully serving those who serve us all.

Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make in support of our vital mission

Lunch4Vets Events

Join us the 3rd Thursday each month!

Make sure you join us at the next Lunch4Vets, a complimentary lunch to thank you for your service from the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation.

It is a great way to get to know the local veterans in the area!

If you plan on attending, please register so we have plenty of food for the event.

Watch this space for details for the next Lunch4Vets event

Contact us if you have questions about our Lunch4Vets program

[email protected] or call Brenda Meehan at (508) 292-3885 cell